Records available at The Lancaster County Archives

All birth and death certificates beginning 1906 are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Vital Records

County departmental offices such as the Recorder of Deeds, Clerk of Courts, Register of Wills and the Prothonotary represent the originating office for a variety of historical records now maintained within the archives. A record series is a group of similar records kept together relating to the same activity or function. A record series may consist of many thousands of records or can be as small as one single book.

Click on the arrow to the left of the record series below for a more complete description. Please remember that archives staff cannot perform in depth research for you but can search available index books and retrieve references provided. Frequently requested record series within the archives consist of deeds (beginning 1729), births (1852-1855, 1894-1907, 1881-1906 for city), marriages (1852-1855, beginning 1885), and wills (beginning 1730) but researchers should consult the inventory below for a more comprehensive listing of potential historical sources.

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 Record SeriesYears AvailableOffice of Origin
Account Books1850-1962Register of Wills
Account Ledger1901-1973Controller
Account of Fees1939-1947Prothonotary
Accounts Book Indices1729-1934Register of Wills
Accounts Copies1877-1905Register of Wills
Accounts Ledger1901-1973Treasurer
Almshouse Account Ledger1939-1941Commissioner
Almshouse Day Book1895-1897; 1917-1925Commissioner
Almshouse Director's Minutes1905-1927Commissioner
Almshouse Order Book1894-1901Commissioner
Almshouse Payroll Records1919-1953Commissioner
Almshouse Record of Appropriations1901-1960Controller
Almshouse Warrant Books1901-1960Controller
Annexation Notes of Testimony1952-1971Clerk of Courts
Annexation Records1950-1974Clerk of Courts
Appearance Dockets1842-1977Prothonotary
Appearance Dockets1897-1995Sheriff
Appellate Court Records1891-1901Register of Wills
Appropriations, Record of1901-1962Controller
Arbitration Index1874-1903Prothonotary
Argument Lists1890-1920; 1953-1984Clerk of Courts
Argument Lists1886-1940Register of Wills
Assessor Tax Returns1898-1985Commissioner
Assignment in Bankruptcy1868-1879Recorder of Deeds
Attorney Certifications1962-1976Prothonotary
Attorney Disbarments1929-1976Register of Wills
Attorney Register1729-1931Prothonotary